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Banswara is also known for the Mahi Bajaj Sagar Project and for numerous dams and canals situated at beautiful sites. Mahi river has number of islands inside and thus Banswara is also known as 'City of Hundred Islands' Other dams worth visiting are Survania Dam Lilwania Dam Gaman Bridge etc.


This is known for its antiquity, which has clusters of ruins of Hindu and Jain Temples of the 11th, 12th and 15th centuries. Mandleshwar temple was built in 1080 A.D. by Chamunda Raja Paramara chief. The cluster that exists on the outskirts of Arthuna has Shaivite temples. There is another cluster of Jain temples. The village is known in the district for its Shivratri and Hli festivals.

TALWAR (15 km)

The place has gained historical importance because of its ancient temples and the ruins of some old monuments. It has the temple of Laxmi Narain, Gokarneshwar Mahadeva and Jain temple of Sambhar Nath. Local artists belonging to "Sompura Samaj" are widely known for their art. They carve beautiful idols on black local stone. You will find number of artists carving on the stone on the road side shops in Talwara.


About 5 kms from Talwara and 19kms. from Baswara is a temple of Goddess Tripura Sundar, commonly known as Turtia Mata. There is a beautiful idol of the goddess, made with black stone having 18 hands each carrying symbol, riding on the tiger. It is believed that the temple was constructed before Samarat Kanishka who ruled here. Exact date of its origin is not yet known. It is said to be one of the 'Shakti Peeth' of the Hindus.

PARAHERA (22 km)

A place of historical importance, it is situated in Garhi Tehsil. A temple of Shiva, known as Mandaleshwar temple, built by Mandalik stands on the Nagela tank in the village.

CHINCH (18km)

This village is known for the Brahma Temple of the 12th century, having large attractive statue of Lord Brahma.

The Banswara district has number of Jain temples, the important ones are -

Andheswar (40 kms)

Kalinjara (30 km)

These temples are old, beautiful and worth visiting.

Other Excursions

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