Barmer: Places to See

Barmer :

Perched on a rocky hill, the town has ruins of an old fort. Of interest are a temple dedicated to Balark (the sun) and the ancient ruins if Juna Barmer. The three Jain temples an inscription of `1925 A.D. and a massive pillar in the hall of the largest temple of maharaja Kula Sri Samanta Sinha Deva, a ruler of Bahadmera (Now Barmer) are also worth a visit.


Situated on the foot of a hill near village Hathman Barmer tehsil is Kiradu The inscription dating back to 1161 A.D. reveals that the place was called Kiratkoop and jad once been the capital of punwars. The ruins of five ancient temples-one dedicated to Lord Vishnu and other four dedicated to Lord Shiva are of interest to archaeologists and art lovers alike. The biggest of these temples is the someshwar temple.
Khed :

Rao Siha, the founder if the Rathore clan alongwith his son (Asthanji) conquered Khed from the Guhil Rajputs and planted the standaed of the Rathores. An old Vishnu temple of Ranchhrij is surrounded by a crumbling wall and an image of Garuda (the eagle) at the gate guards the complex. Other temples nearby include temples of Berhma, Bhairav mahadev and a jain temple.

Jasol :

Once a principal state of Mallani, this ancient village has got its name from the descendants of a Rathore sub-clan. A jain temple and a Hindu temple are worth visiting. The Hindu temple is ornamented with fine sculptures which were brought from a jain temple of Lord mahaveer.

Meva nagar :

Once called Viranipur this 12th century village lies on the slope of a hill called Nagar-Ki-Bhakarian, 9km away from Baletra. The village has three Jain temples The biggest of these is the one dedicated to Nokoda Parsvanath. A Vishnu temple is also worth visiting.

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