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Dadra & Nagar Haveli
Where mother nature is your host
Dadra & Nagar HaveliSmall is beautiful and so is Dadra & Nagar Haveli. It is love at first sight. The tall awesome trees, the rivers flowing past themm, the green grass mingling with fields of darker green, and the distant hills dotting gently rolling hills.

Whether it is the summer and the heat dries the land or the south-west monsoon whhips the wind-swept trees and rurns the land into an endless stretch of greenn' it wot't matter. You'll love the serene and calm land of Dadra &Nagar Havelli.

This quiet magical land for 72 villages has been ruled by many hands, And the memory of these rulers still linger on, for a century and a half, the fiery portuguesse were the masters of the land. When the land was liberated from their rule, it was taken over by the locals until it merged with the Indian Union. As a land it is not very large, only 491sq. dms. covered with forests and woods a heaven for the simple, colourful tribal folks. But as a place it will stray on the margins of your mind.

Silva, in portuguese means Woods. And this can be seen when you visit Silvassa, the tiny, slleepy capital township. Tall trees reaching for the heavens line roads, off the beaten track, little cottages back in the warm sun or lie in the shadows of the trees .

In silvassa, you can see traces of the portuguese rule, an old church

Dadra & Nagar HaveliHirwa Van Piparia-Silvassa

On silvassa-Dadra Road is a Garden Beautiful with the roaring waterfalls, misty cascades, russtic stone walls, twin arches, tiny kiosks and springy lawns interspersed with islands of flowers is truely a visitors delight.

Vanvihar Tourist complex, Chauda, Khanvel

Drive 20 kms. away from silvassa on a road lined with tall tres in midst of forest, it is khanves. The beautiful vedant land surrounded by lush green hills beckons you with its rolling meadows, tirraced gardens, cottages in native ssstyle and river sakartod flowing passt it . The tourist complex for you to stay with mother nature.... your host !

The deer park , cactus house, green house .... you will love them all. Vangs

Dadra & Nagar HaveliVanganga Lake & Island Garden, Dadra

Only 5 kms from the Capital town Silvassa is one of the most beautiful lake garden, where songs of more than 25 Hindi Feature Films have been picturised., proves its point.

The rustin wooden bridges, sea of flowers, jogging paths, thatched huts, paddled boats- its a right mix for romantic mood for honey-mooners

Water Sports and Tentage Complex, Dudni:

Another 20 kms. drive from Khanvel is Dudhni where the large waterfront of river Damanganga provides breath taking view of the water speed of Madhuban Dam. The Luxturious tents pitced right near the bank provide a countryside experience.

You can cook your meals near the camp.

How to reach:

By road : From Mumbai-Ahmedabad N.H.No. 8 Silvassa, the capital town of DNH, is about 180 kms, from Mumbai, about 120 kms. from Surat and about 14 kms. from Bhild or Vapi.

By Rail : The nearest Railway Station Vapi is about 17 kms. where road transport is easy avaliable.