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Helebid TempleHalebid is 15 km from Belur.

This place was known as Dwara Samudra, the wealthy capital of Hoysalas.

Halebid has several strikingly beautiful Hoysala temples and Jain shrines.

The Hoysaleshwara temple, standing on platform like a casket, is a sculptural extravaganza, richly endowed with most finely detailed scroll work in stone.

Outside there is a Nandi (Bull), the mount of Shiva, and a hillock where the Palace stood, connected to the temple by a passage. Inside its dark depths, the queen

Ganesha, HelebidShantala Devi beckons from an alcove.

The figure of mortals and immortals are larger here as compared to Belur and are beautifully chiseled, in shining black stone.

The walls of the temples are covered with variety of gods and goddesses, animals, birds and dancing girls. There is a museum on the lawn with 12-13th century sculpture and the gold coins in use at the time.

Another famous temple is the Keddareshwara temple where the sculptor's virtuosity seems to have surpassed even the goldsmith's skill in its sheer intricacy.

One kilometre from Halebid is Basti Hill where there are Jain Bastis with gleaming black stone pillars.

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