Welcome to Hyderabad Weekend Getways

A delightful blend of the old and the new, Hyderabad presents to the onlooker an interesting skyline, with modern buildings standing shoulder-to-shoulder with fascinating 400 year old edifices - the remains of the city's Islamic roots.


In the northern-most part of Karnataka lies Bidar - a tiny district steeped in history. The fort, the cannons, palaces in ruins, the magnificent tombs and the massive monuments, all combine to make a visit to the one-time capital of the Bahamani and Barid Shahi dynasties, truly memorable.


There are four caves here. The first three belong to the Vedic faith and the fourth cave is the only Jain temple in Badami.Enter the first cave temple past Shiva's door keepers and there he is ! The eighteen armed Nataraja stricking 81 dance poses.


Visakhapatnam was named after the God of valour, Visakha. Once a small fishing village, it formed part of the Kalinga empire, under Ashoka in 260 B.C., passing successively from the Andhra kings of Vengi to the Pallavas, Cholas and Gangas. In the 15th century, Visakhapatnam became part of the Vijayanagar empire.


Warangal, 157 km from Hyderabad, is noted for its beautiful lakes, splendid temples and wildlife. It was once the capital of the legendary Kakatiya kingdom, and mentioned.


Historically considered as the cultural, political, pilgrimage and educational center of the state, Vijayawada is located on the banks of the holy river Krishna. It is believed that Arjuna, of the epic Mahabharatha prayed at the Indrakeeladri Hill and won the blessings of Lord Shiva.