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Kodagu (Coorg) Travel Guide


Lands & People:

Not really too far from the bustle of metropolitan cities, Kodagu or Coorg as it is better known, has maintained its serene picturesque beauty over the centuries. Homesick always, the British called this land Scotland of India.

These breathtakingly beautiful rolling hills in Karnataka nestling cash rich coffee plantations, clear skies and a warm, friendly and hospitable people create a special aura unmatched anywhere else in the country.

This little area in the Western Ghats has an ancient

Shiva Shrine, Omkareshwar Templehistory, ruled successively by the Kadambas, Gangas, Chengalvars, Cholas, Hoysalas, Vijaynagara, etc. and finally the British. But the region always retained its strong cultural heritage, distinctive to this day. The fiercely brave martial tradition has produced many brave generals for India.

Fragrant coffee:

Kodagu is famed for extensive coffee plantations that cover most of the hillsides. Most of them are under multiple cropping of coffee, orange, black pepper, and cardamom at the bottom of the slopes. Plantations are beautifully maintained with modern irrigation and curing and processing facilities for the beans. When coffee bushes blossom in April, the whole area is heavenly with the exquisite fragrance of the brilliant white flowers.


Previously known as Mercara, Madikeri is the ancient name of this picturesque capital town. Situated at 1,525 m elevation, the town is great for walking around, surrounded by rolling which offer excellent trails for hikes. Tadiyendamol is the tallest peak here, Waiting to be climbed. One can have a distant glimpse of the Arabian Sea from this peak.

Makikeri Fort:

A 19th century fort, it now houses a temple, a chapel, the prison, a small museum and assorted government offices. Golf courses Madikeri and Pollibetta have golf courses, Madikeri courses being a nine hole one. Raja's seat A promontory with breathtaking view, it is said that for centuries the Laxman Teeetha FallsKodagu royals came here in the evenings to watch the spectacular sunsets.

Around Madikeri:

Very close is Nagara hole National Park, one of the most well maintained game sanctuaries in south India. It is accessible from Mysore via Hunsur and Murkal 94 km from Mysore. Visible often are elephant, spotted deer, sambar, bison, chital Jeep and elephant rides available for jungle safari. Harangi Situated in north Kodagu, it is a beautiful reservoir and ideal for weekend or short holiday staying at the guest house. The placid water surface is good for quiet water sports. There is a dairy farm nearby.

Season : October - May

Horticultural Research Centre:

Situated in Chettahalli, 24 km from Makikeri, it specializes in improving the local flora like pepper, mango, pears, peaches, guavas, oranges, bananas, pineapples and Kodau's special favourite, passion fruit. It also has a nursery and sells plants. Talacauvery The mighty river Cauvery rises here out of a small well. On Sankaramana day in October, one can see actually the holy water gushing out at a precise moment known beforehand. This is considered a special religious miracle and thousands of pilgrims come here to watch it. The water here is considered to have special properties and holy bath on this day is expected to give physical and spiritual strength stay.

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