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Kota City Travel Guide

The south eastern region of Rajasthan known as Hadoti comprises of Bundi, Baran, Jahalwar and Kota is treasure of history dating back to several centuries. Prehistoric caves, paintings, formidable forts and the mighty chambal river hurtling from the Vindhyas are dotted in the region.

When Jait Singh of Bundi defeated the Bhil chieftain Koteya in a battle, he raised the first battlement or the 'Garh'(Fort) over his severed head.

The independent State of Kota became a reality in 1631 when Rao Madho Singh, the second son of Rao Ratan of Bundi was made the ruler, by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. Soon Kota outgrew its parent state to become bigger in area, richer in revenure and more powerful. Maharao Bhim Singh played a pivotal role Kota's history, having held a 'Mansab' of five thousand and being the first in his dynasty to have the title of Maharao.

Kota is situated on the banks of chambal river and is fastly emerging as an important industrial centre. It boasts of Asia's largest fertilizer plant, precision instrument unit and atomic power station nearby.

General Population : 537000 Area : 193.58 Sq. km

Altitude : 251.1 metres

Temperature :
Summer Mean Max . 43.3"C Mean Min 35.6" C
Winter Mean Max 30.5"C Mean Min 11.6"C

Clothing :
Summer Cotton
Winter Woollens

Best Season : Sept. to March

Languages : Hindi, Rajasthani & English

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