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Lakshadweep Travel Guide

Be warned. There are some thing that are really hard to find in Lakshadweep. Like fast cars, or shrinks, or tranquilizers.

They do have all that water though. Bright and clear as liquid glass.
Fringed by white stretches of sand where the only throngs you'll ever see are of the sandpipers on the shore.
And you could sleep by the seaside with the night sky as your ceiling. Therapy has never felt better.

Geographically similar to that other divers' haunt, Lakshadweep is like Maldives without the crowds. 400 kilometers off the coast of


Kerala, this group of 36 coral islands and atolls can be reached by a twenty - hour sea journey from Cochin. Of the ten inhabited islands, only two, Bangaram and Kadmat, are open to foreigners and there are dive centers on both these islands. The langoons are home to a spectacular world of marine life, so unexplored, you may well have a site named after you.

Places to Visit
Kavaratli - Bangaram
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