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The enigmatic city of Mumbai was a cluster of seven islands of Koli fishermen who lived on the shores of the Arabian Sea and worshipped Mumbadevi. Hence, the place got the name Mumbai. Mumbai was given by Portuguese as dowry to Charles II of England when he married Catherine.


Nestling amidst the hills, Bhandardara is easily among the most beautiful holiday resorts. A perfect stop over on the way to or from Shirdi, it is a charming little picnic spot.


The city has come a long way since it was founded by Moghul emperor, Aurangzeb. Today, it is known for some of the finest colleges and university in Maharashtra. And it is the fastest growing industrial town in India. But the charm and glory of its long past has not been lost.


The caves of Ajanta can be classified into two distinct phases: the earlier Hinayana phase (1), in which the Buddha was worshipped only in the form of certain symbols. And the later Mahayana phase (II), in which the Buddha was worshipped in the physical form.


A three-storeyed excavation, this is the last in the series of Buddhist caves. The lowest floor consists of a long hall with small cells carved in the side walls and a shrine in the canter. The intermediate level has similar architecture.


Visit the vast strech of unpolluted silver sands on the western cost of Maharastra, Bathed in the golden sunshine and silver moonlight, Lapped by gentle foam-flecked waves from the expanse of the arabian sea, Laced with the unforgettable aroma of fruits, flowers and mangroves.