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Nagarjunakonda City Guide

NagarjunakondaSeventeen hundred years ago, Vijayapuri served as the capital of the Iakshvaku kingdom, and was home to a centre of Buddhist learning.

Today, in its place flourishes Nagarjunasagar, a modern township named after Acharya Nagarjuna, the founder and father of Mahayana Buddhism.

Relics of the Buddhist civilization found here, date back to the 3rd century AD. The excavated remains were reconstructed and have been carefully preserved at Nagarjunakonda, a unique island-museum in the midst of the man-made Nagarjunasagar Lake.

The museum has been constructed in the shape of a Buddhist vihara and houses a stupendous collection of relics of Buddha, Buddhist art and culture. The main stupa called the Mahachaitya contains the sacred relics of Buddha.

The center of attraction is a partly ruined monolithic statue of Buddha in a striking image of peace and poise.

The cultural remains of ancient man ranging from the prehistoric to the Neolithic period, a university, vihara, monasteries, and an 'Aswamedha' sacrificial altar dating back to the early historic period have been unearthed here.

Most of the monasteries were built by the Royal Ladies of the Ikshvaku Kingdom. During the construction of the Nagarjunasagar Dam, the ruins of an ancient Buddhist University were unearthed here. These have been reconstructed at Anupu, 4kms.away from the right bank of the reservoir.

What's more, a 3rd century vihara and an amphitheatre with fine acoustics takes one back into history.

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