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Shillong City Guide

A three hour uphill from Guwahati takes you to Shilong the capital of the state which lies at a height of 1,496 mtrs. Above sea levels Enroute you will pass first the halfway mandatory stop at nongpoh where you can savor a cup of tea while watching the flow of traffic. Pretty women behind small stalls sell pineapples and bananas honey and pickles in bottles.

17km before Shilong is Umiam, also known as Barapani where a large take was formed after a hydro-electric dam was built across a stream. In recent years this has become an incresingly popular place for outings and weekend visits. The Orchid lake resort designed by the famous architects charles correa and constructed amongst pine wood overlooks the lake. Flurries of rain often sweep across the water body, scattering visitors, and splash loudly on the large bay windows of the lounge. There are facilities of rain often sweep across the water body, scattering visitors, and splash loudly on the large bay windows of the lounge. There are facilities of water sports here: from kayaking and water cycling and simple boating for the less brave. The Orchid Lake Resorts, run by the Meghalaya Tourism Department, has pleasantly- appointed rooms with balconies, a restaurant and bar.

Shillong became Assam's capital in 1874 and remained so far a century until the seat of government in Assam went to the plains and Meghalaya was established as a separate state.

The city derives its from the deity Shyllong or Lei Shyllong which is worshipped at the Shillong peak 10kms from the main town and 1,965 metres above sea level. This is the highest point in the state and commands a panoramic view of the Shillong valley. In the evening the city lights below gliter and twinkle like a giant christmas Tree.

One of the first place that a new comer to Shilong should visit the Lewduh Bazar, earilier known as the Bara Bazar.

The prominent role of women is highly visible in the Khasi Hills, where the Khasi, a community which is said to have its origin in Kampuchea, South East Asia, and speaks a language that ahas its roots in Mon-Khmer, follow a matrilineal society. Under the custom the youngest doughtier becames the custodian of the family property. Other sites to visit are the Wards Lake for a Leisurely stroll or boating You can feed the carp from the wooden bridges. The Botanical Garden a seculed park borders the lake and further down the hill is celebrated Golf Course called the Gleneagles of the east. The golf club retains a conical touch and the area, as are other parts of the city is good for long walks. Infact because of the density of the road trafic and frequent traffic jams, walking is recommended as an easy way of seeing many parts of the heart of Shillong.

Shillong is full of crunches and waterfalls. The most beautiful crunches is the Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians located on a hill; stained glass windows and high arches add to the beauty of this building. Directly below carved out of the hills is the Grotto Crunch. The all Saints Church opposite the state Central Library is another attractive building of wood and plaster. The State Centraal Library has a wealth of that can be a book lover's delight. A museum there gives gimpses of the region heritage. Pop and rock concerts are regions held here are extreamly popular with songs in Khasi and English. The butterfly Museu, that had begun breeding butterflies as a conversion measure and for their commercial value has a good display of mounted butterflies and beetles from India and abroad. Nearby is the Lady hydari Park which has a mini-Zoo a childrens section and ewll-developed out flower beds.

Of all the falls in and around Shillong among the prettiest is the sweet falls near happy valley. A gushing stream of water plunges into a deep, cool and invite pool. It's is a good hike down to the stream and a nice way to speed a day. Then there are the Bishop and Beadon falls and the Elephant falls which draw many tourist. The elephant falls is 12kms on the outskrit of the cityy and near Shillong peak. If there is time visitors should travel to Sophetbneng Peak 20kms from the Shillong, set amid a beautiful view and the backdrop of a sacred forest.

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