Warangal City Guide

Warangal, 157 km from Hyderabad, is noted for its beautiful lakes, splendid temples and wildlife. It was once the capital of the legendary Kakatiya kingdom, and mentioned.

Work of art at his studio in London. The pictures glow vibrant and life like. Each window is made up of several bits of painted glass which has been glued into a single piece and then delicately set into the stone windows. The window to the north which offers a canopy to the altar is the most moving. It depicts the scene of ascension of Jesus towering above the altar dwarfing everything. Jesus ascends to heaven.

The other two windows decorating the east and west faced depict the scenes of the birth of Jesus and his crucifixion. The colour spectrum produced by these windows inside by the early and late afternoon sun is beautiful and beyond all description. With its immensity and beauty, this century old church stand out as one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in India.

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