Delhi Weekend Getaways

One of the most fascinating aspects of Delhi is the "visibility" of its historic past. Were it not for the demands of urbanization, large portions of the city could well be earmarked as archaeological parks

Bangalore Weekend Getaways

Situated at a height of 1000 meters above sea level, it offers a perpetual holiday atmosphere due to the salubrious climate it enjoys throughout the year

Kolkata Weekend Getaways

Kolkata retains much of the splendour of yesteryears, with a presence that is at once regal, imposing and memorable, a city worthy of admiration and love.

Hyderabad Weekend Getaways

Hyderabad presents to the onlooker an interesting skyline, with modern buildings standing shoulder-to-shoulder with fascinating 400 year old edifices - the remains of the city's Islamic roots.

Pune Weekend Getaways

Welcome to India! the Land of Maharajas which has witnessed an era of civilization and human evolution. Explore India into its States & Cities as Explained by its travel themes.

Mumbai Weekend Getaways

The enigmatic city of Mumbai was a cluster of seven islands of Koli fishermen who lived on the shores of the Arabian Sea and worshipped Mumbadevi. Hence, the place got the name Mumbai.