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Stupas were constructed by lay people for enshrining the relics of Lord Buddha. The symbolism of the stupa is varied. According to some, the dome depicts the bubble, reflecting the transience of life. Some say the spire on the top of the dome suggests Buddha's compassion, the dome itself represents nirvana and the square base symbolizes moral restraint.

The domes are covered with carved marble panels depicting Buddhist symbols, scenes from Buddha's life and Jataka stories. Tathagata was worshipped through symbols such as Buddhapada, Wheel, Bodhi Tree and Triratna. The Andhra art style (Amaravati School of Art) of creative expression has its bearing on the subsequent art style of South India and the countries of Asia.

A unique feature of Amaravati is the symbol of flaming trisula (trident). The bas-reliefs of Amaravati are best example of Indian sculpture.

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