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Bhandardara Nestling amidst the hills, Bhandardara is easily among the most beautiful holiday resorts. A perfect stop over on the way to or from Shirdi, it is a charming little picnic spot.

Amidst the dense green forest, lies the most splendid lake of country - Arthur Lake. It is formed by the dammed waters of the Pravara river. Legend has it that Shri Agasti Rishi meditated continuously for a year, living only on water and air. Pleased with his tremendous devotion the Lord came down to Earth. He blessed Shri Agasti Rishi and left leaving behind a stream of Ganga - now known as Pravara River.

Places of Interest:

The famous Dam:

Wilson Dam is a lovely site for picnicking. Built in 1910 on the Pravara river, the dam is almost 150 metres above sea level and attracts crowds from all over the country. The cool placid waters of the river run by for miles. The Umbrella Falls are also in the vicinity.

BhandardaraUnfortunately, these picturesque falls are enjoyed only during the monsoons when the water level in the lake is considerably high. Streamlets from the lake cascade down 45 metres as the Randha Falls - an ideal place to relax and enjoy nature. Besides being a scenic spot, these falls are also used for hydro-power generation.

Mount Kalsubai:

Overlooking Chandardara, you can see Mt. Kalsubai, the highest peak (1,646 metres) in the sahyadri range. During the Maratha rule, this peak point served as the watchtower.

It is an ideal place for those who enjoy trekking, as are the surrounding hills. There is a small temple at the top, with an old well in its backyard. Legend has it that the level of the well water never drops below 3 feet.

Agasti Rishi Ashram:

Situated on the bank of the Parvara River, this legendary dwelling find a place in the scripts of the Ramayan. It is said that Lord Ram, Laxman and Sita visited Agasti Rishi. The Rishi had then given Lord Ram a miraculous arrow which was used to kill the devil, Ravan, in order to rescue Sita. The ashram, although under renovation, manages to attract crowds from all over.


The fort lies only a few kilometers away from the Maharashtra Tourism resort. It was captured by Chhatrapati Shiivaji Maharaj and was one of his favourites. The fort has a breathtaking view and provides ample grounds for trekkers.


This temple dates back to 1100 AD. Built in a distinct Hemadpanti style, the intricately carved temple still stands proud. Other places worth visiting are Konkan Kada (another trekker's delight), a small garden and a swimming tank.
Bhandardara Travel Info


Since it is in interior regions of Maharashtra, the place experience extreme climate changes. The summers are very hot and the winters quite cold.

Languages Spoken:

Marathi, Hindi and English.

What to Wear:

Attire is best decided upon according to climatic conditions. During summers, cotton clothes are fine, while in winters warm woolen clothing is a must.

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