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Chamba : Places to see

Laxmi narayan Temple complex Laxmi narayan Temple complex : with six main shikhara style temples and several smaller shrines, this is renowed for its finely executed classification forms.

Hari Rai Temple : This is dedicated to lord Vishnu and dates back to the 11th century.

Other Temples : The profusion of temples in Chamba and their craftsmanship is remarkable. Some important shrines are champavati, Vajreshwari, Sui Mata and Chamunda Devi.

The chowgan : Chamba's wide concourse is the hub of much of the towns activity and also setves as its promenade.

Rangmahal : This old place is an intersting mix of conical and saracenic architectural styles.

Akhand Singh Museum : Named after Raja, Bhuri Singh of chamba this is a treasure house of chamba's rich past. The exhibits include copper plates murals, doorways costumes painting dressed stone structure with lancet windows.

Bharmour (93km) : its 84 km ancient temples at a height of 2141m are well known. It is also the summer home of the nomadic Gaddi people.

Manimahesh (93): This sacred lake (4183) is associated with lord Shiv and it is the site of annual piligrimage.

Chatrari (45km) An attractive temple to Shakti Devi is located here.

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