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Fairs & Festivals

Halda, local New year, Lahaul, Phagli, Lahaul, Dechhang.
Mid-winter celebrations.
Lahaul-Spiti, sazi (sazo), kinnaur.

Shivaratri Fair at baijnath
Shivratri Fair at Mandi
Nalwari Cattel Fair at Biaspur
Chesu Fair at Rewlsar
Holy fair at Sujanpur Tira
Gochi, Lahaul Lossar, Dances, Lahaul-Spiti.
Char, Lahaul

Rohru festival at Rorhu

Summer Festival at Dharamasala
Summer Festival at Shimla
Salloni Fair at Solan
Chheshu, Monastic, Festival , Lahaul, Ghantal, Festival, Lahaul.

Minjar Fair at Chamba
Tribal Fair at keylong
Ladarcha Festival, Spiti.
Dakhrain, Kinnaur Lahaul Utsav, Lahaul Pauri Festival, Lahaul.

Phulaich Festival at Sangla
Manimahesh Yatra
Fullaich (phulech), Flower Festival, Kinnaur, Jagra, Kinnaur.

Dushera Festival at Kullu
Lavi fair at Rampur
Renuka Fair at Renuka
Tribal Festival at Reckongpeo

Ice Skating Carnival

Festivals in Kinnaur, Lahaul and Spiti:
Under the gaze of high mountains and by the side of swift streams, for the people of Kinnaur, Lahaul and Spiti, every moment is a joyous celebration of life. Kinnaur has a festival practically every day of the year. In Lahaul and Spiti, the strong Buddhist influence casts its rich hues over every festival and most are centered around the monasteries.

From religion to trade, from seasons to sports, these tracts have something special for everyone.

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