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Ganapatipule Travel Guide

GanapatipuleVisit the vast strech of unpolluted silver sands on the western cost of Maharastra, Bathed in the golden sunshine and silver moonlight, Lapped by gentle foam-flecked waves from the expanse of the arabian sea, Laced with the unforgettable aroma of fruits, flowers and mangroves, Carrying the timid wispers of saying coconut trees.

This is Ganapatiphule Land of the 400- year old Swayambhu ganapati and eager tourists. Set along the western coast of maharastra, is a small little village called Ganapatiphule. It is known for it's scerene sedate beach. Unlike most beaches which are spoilt by tourist traffic, the Ganapatiphule beach is as natural and pristine as ever. Even today, the waters are blue and the sands, white.

Travelling to Ganapatiphule by road is a vacation in itself. The entire 'konan' region is paradise- for miles there is something new to discover, in whichever direction you go: narrow roads, red soil roofed houses, clean courtyards, innumerable fruit- bearing trees (including mango, betelnut, banana, jackfruit, etc.) and casuarinas lining the cost are a common sight. Meeting the ever-friendly and hospitable 'konkanis' and chatting with them could unearth innumerable delights of holidaying in this naturally gifted countryside.

GanapatipuleBesides the beach Ganapatiphule is an important pligrimage centre. The temple of the 'Swayambhu Ganapati' is known for its unique idol of Lord Ganapati and its magnificient temple ('Swayambhu' or self originated, not manmade, 'Ganapati' or the lord of 'ganas' or army. 'Pule' or sand dune. That's how the name Ganapatiphule). The temple is 400 years old and is at the foot of a hillock. Most piligrims believe in taking a 'pradakshina' around the hill instead of just the temple. (Pradakshina is a form of showing obeisance wherein devotiees walk in a circle around the idol of the deity or around the temple in which the idol is housed ).

Geographic location :
Approximately 375 kms south of mumbai, along the 'konkan' coast.


GanapatipuleThe climate is moist and humid but healthy and devoid of pollution. From march, the temprature starts rising but rarely crosses 38 C.May is the hottest month. Monsoon is between June and October. Rains are usually plentiful and regular. The winter season is perhaps the most pleasant with temperatures dropping at nights.

Languages spoken :
Marathi is the most widely spoken language along with local dialect of 'konkani'.

Local festivals :
Gauri Ganapati, Magh chaturthi (on the 4th day of the lunar month of Magh, equivalent to approximately February, which most locals believe is the actual birth date of Lord ganapathi) and Dashavtar are the most important events not just in Ganapatiphule but the entire 'konkan' region. Other festivals like holi, Gudi Padva and Diwali are also celeberated. Don't forget to carry your swimming costumes!

What to eat:
Local fish curries (since Ganapatiphule is a piligrimage destination, you may get non-vegetarian food just on the outsklirts of the village), rice and 'konkam kadi'(a pink coloured liquid, either to be drunk after food or had with rice ; the 'kokam kadi' is a highly digestive drink and neutralises all effects of spicy food ). Vegetarians can also feast on simple but tasty fare: dal, vegetables prepared with coconut base and 'modak' (a favorite dish of Ganesh). Besides the MTDC resturant Tarang offers some of the finest vegetarian food in the region.

What to buy :
The 'Konkan' blessed with some of the finest horticulture fruits offers you a variety of local preprations. Like ' ambapoli' (thin pancakes of dried and crushed mango). 'phanspoli' (thin pancakes of dried and crushed jack fruit). Cashewnuts, coconuts etc. If you're in Ganapatiphule in summer don't leave without buying the most famous variety of mangoes in the world in the world - the devgad' hapus' mango.

How to get there :

By Road : Mumbai to Ganapatiphule ( via Mahad) is 375 kms. Pune to Ganapatiphule (via satara) is 331 kms. Kohlapur to Ganapatiphule is 144 kms.

By Rail : The nearest railhead is ratnagiri 50 kms on the Konkan railway.

By Air : The nearest airport is Ratnagiri, 50 kms away.

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