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Wood Craft,IndiaWOOD CARVING

Painstakingly carved and inlaid, the wooden articles of Uttar Pradesh are quite a rave with a lovers of wood carvings.

Saharanpur here is known for its carvings in hard sheesham and particularly for its famous vine-leaf patterns. The range of designs include floral, geometric and figurative decoration, in addition to the traditional anguri and takai carvings, jali (fretted ornamentation), brass, copper and lvory scince extracting of lvory is banned in India.

Mainpuri in Uttar pradesh is also known for its wood-work inlaid with brass wire on ebony or black sheesham. The states of Jammu & Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka and Kerala have developed distinctive styles of wood carvings. Even Rajasthan is noted for its carved sandalwood and rosewood besides heavy ornamental furniture.


Lacquering on wood not only lends colour and sparkle to the products, but also smoothens out the products, but also smoothens out the contours thereby imparting a lustrous finesse.

India is well known for ornamental lacquering involving intricate patterns like zig-zag and dana work, atishi, abri or cloud and nakkashi. In Varanasi, a number of lacquered toys and miniature kitchen utensils for children to play with, are made.


The artistic woodcarvings of southern India drawns inspiration from the old Indian tradition of worship. Apart from marvelous prototypes of various gods and goddesses, the wall plaques, statues and toys made of rosewood, sandalwood and teakwood are mesmerizing to behold.


Kashmir, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Goa, Sikkim, West Bengal, Karnataka.

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