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Jwalamukhi Travel Guide

Jawala jiAncient legends speak of a time when demons lorded over the Himalaya mountains and harassed the gods. Led by Lord Vishnu, the gods decided to destroy them. They focused their strengths and huge flames rose from the ground. From that fire, a young girl took birth.She is regarded as Adishakti the first "Shakti"

Known as Sati or Parvati, she grew up in the house of Prajapati Daksha and later became the consort of Lord Shiva. Once her father insulted Lord Shiva and unable to accept this, she killed herself. When Lord Shiva heard of his wife's death his rage knew no bounds and holding Sati's body he began stalking the three world's. The other god's trembled before his wrath and appealed to Lord Vishnu for help Lord Vishnu left fly a volly of arrows which struck Satis body and several it to pieces. At the places where the piece fell, the fifty one sacred "shaktipeeths came into being.

Sati's tongue fell at Jwalaji (610m) and the goddess is manifest as tiny flames that burns flawless blue through fissures in the age old rock. Even the Pandavs are regarded to have visited this sacred palace.

Getting there :
The airport at Gaggal is 46km from Jwalamukhi. The closest broadgauge railhead is at Pathankot, 123 km away. Taxis and buses are available at both places. From Delhi the road distance is 473 km and from Shimla this is 212km.

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