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Amer (Jaipur) Archaeological Museum

Located in the Dil-e-A-aram Gardens, of Amer, the ancient capital of Jaipur, and established in 1949. Prior to this, the escavated material from Rairh, Bairat, Sambhar, Nagar etc. and the sculptures and epigraphs collected from various sites in the erstwhile Jaipur State were housed at Vidyadhar Gardens in Purana Ghat.

In July 1949 the entire collection was transferred to Dil-e-Aaram Garden, a part of the old palace 1992 in this complex. The museum is divided into three sections : Archaeological section, Which contains material recovered from excavations at Rairh, Bairat,Sambhar, Nagar, Pamvar, Bansi and Virat Nagar. Sculpture section. Epigraphy section.

There are two yupa Pillars (sacrificial posts) with inscriptions from Barnala; Pratihar sculptures from Abhaneris (8th ccentury A.D.) and Terracotta from Rairh, Bairat, Sambhar and Nagar belonging to an earlyu historical perios.

The material is arranged in chronological sequence, making the visitor familiar with the contribution of Rajasthan in various fields of art through the ages.

Timing : 10 A. M. to 4.30 P.M.

Closed : Friday and gazetted holidays.

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