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Other Important Places Of Pilgrimage"The city of Bels " Jhalraptan, has with in its ancient city walls the ruins of the Sun Temple. Many Jain Temples lay beyond it On The main Kota highway to Chittaurgarh and Udaipur Via Bundi lie some intresting temples.The First is Bijolia, a culctural centre of the chauhan kings in the 10th century. At the sites of the ancient Mahanal or great Chasm and Bijolia, there are temples of Lord Shiva with exquisite carvings of Shiva Parvati in different posses, dansers and musicians ,attendants and animals.

The road goes on to Menal, which has a group of 12th century temples. There is a big Nandi at the gate of the main temple. The carved images depict Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati in different postures.

65 kms from Jodhpur in a deserted valley the midst of sandy tracts of the Thar desert, stand the temples of Osian. Osian was once a sacred centre of Hinduism and Jainism, and the few Temples that remain are the last remnants of this ancient citadel of faith. In Nagaur, there is the Tarkin-Ki-Dargah which has an old mosque and it is held in reverence by many devotees. The Dargah is visited not only by Muslims but members of all communities who come here with a lot of devotion to pay homage.

Bijolya Temple Within the Amer fort lies the 16th century Kali Temple. The entrance doors of the temple are made ot silver In the old city off Amer, which sprawls beneath palace walls, there is a Jain temple and several Temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. About 10 kmsout side Jaipur is the dramatic site of the Galteraisinfg out of the gorge. Half way up the lies Hanuman temples popularly known as Galtaji. 64 kms off fthe Jaipur -Agra highway , when you take a turn from Mahuwa, is Karauli. 23 kms. awa^ from which is the Kaitad^i temple where millions of devotees congregate during the Melas in Chaitn (March-April) and Ashadha (Sep.-Oct.)

The Bhandasha Jain Temple, near Bikane city, constructed in the 16th century and dedicatee to the 23rd tirthankara- Parshvanathji, is also ven, popular. About 50 kms. from Bikaner is the township of Kolayatjj which is a pilgrim centre. The temple located at this place is dedicated to saint Kapi Muni.

In the heart of the Hesert, north-west 01 Jaisalmer, lies an important centre of Jair pilgrimage - Lodurva. The complex of Jain temples built here is of great architectural importance. Ranthambhor is famous world-wide for its National Park but not many are aware thatsituated inside the Ranthambhor fort is the ancient Lord Ganesh temple. There are three big cenotaphs inside the temple which are supported by thirty-two red sand-stone psflars.

Boarding and lodging facilities are available locally at all the pilgrim centres. The pilgrim of tourist must adhere to the rules, regulations and code of conduct of the pilgrimage centre that they visit. They are also expected to abstain from alcohol or other intoxicants and meatfyoducts in most of the holy places.

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