Export of Articles Made from Animal etc.:

Restrictions Pertaining to Export of Articles Made from Animals etc.

Government of India is concerned about the conservation of its endangered and rare fauna. With this view, export of all wild animals indigenous to the country and articles made from such listed animals like skin, pelts, furs, ivory, fhino horns, trophies etc., have been totally banned.

Tourists are also advised to acquaints themselves with the provisions of Convention on International 'Trade of endangered species of wild fauna and flora.

All the member countries of the convention allow import of the articles covered by convention on the strength of a certificate of export from the country of origin.

For further information, the tourists can contact the following authorities.

New Delhi
Regional Deputy Director (NR) ,
Ministry of Enviornment & Forests,
Wildlife Preservation,
Bikaner House,
Barrack No. 5,
Shahjahan Road,
New Delhi - 110 001 ;
Tel : 384556

Regional Deputy Director,
Wildlife Preservation,
Western Region,
11 , Air Cargo Complex,
Mumbai - 400 099,
Tel : 632 8529

Regional Deputy Director,
Wildlife preservation,
Eastern Region,
Nizam Place,
2nd MSO Building,
6th Floor,
A. J.C. Bose Road,
Kolkatta - 700 020
Tel: 478689

Regional Deputy Director,
Wildlife Preservation,
Southern Region,
C-5, Brownstone Apartments,
Chennai ,
Tel: 8253977

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