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Dance is an expression of human emotion as much as musical and it is found in almost limities variations in Rajasthan simple, unsophisticated dancing is seen in their fairs festivals in the kudakna of the Meena boys the dancing which goes with the rasiya songs of Braj and the dancing the women and men where the women carry a pot or a lighted lamp on their head. In the Charkula dance of braj an elaborate lampstand replaces the single lamp.

The famous ghoomar, Rajasthan's popular dance gets its name from ghoomna, the piroutting which display the spectacular colours of the flowing ghaghra, the long skrit of the Rajasthani women. Men have a range of their own more vigorous dances .

The gair of mewar have inner and outer circles of dancers who move diagonally and fascinating. The Gair of Jodhpur is performed in a single file and marital costumes are worn for effect.

The Geendad of Shekhawati is similar.

Sticks or swords are often used in male dances, and the shekhawati dance has the daf accompanying it. Free dancing full of Zest, with rows of dancers waving colourful peennants, make the Bam rasiya of the Braj region spectacular. It is performed at Holi. The Kucchhi ghodi or dummy horse dance is performed on festive occasions. The terahtali is a tantalising dance performed by women while sitting the women have manjeeras(little brass discs) tied with long strings to their wrists, arm and a pair in their hands as well.

Their male accompanists sing and play the tandoora while the women, with dextrous and fine movements create a strong rhythm with the manjeeras. For added effect they may hold a sword between their teeth or balance pots or lighted lamps on their heads.
The dance of the kalbelia women is vigrous and graceful. An authentic fire dance is performed by the Jasnathis of Bikaner and Churu districts.

The accompanying music rises in tempo as ge dance progresses, ending with the performer dancing progresses, ending with the performer dancing on brightly glowing embers breathtaking and deeply impressive sight.

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