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Rajasthan is a land where tradition has been imbibed into ecery aspect of life. The jewellery of this culturally rich land reflects the distinctiveness of the region it belongs to. Jaipur is the centre for gold kundan work and a world renowned centre for diamond and emerald cutting .

The main bazar earmarked for the production and sale of jewellery when jaipur was founded is rightly called johari Bazar (jeweller's) market and even today it offers the most varied collection of jewellery of the region. The temple market in Nathdwara is the best place to buy silver Kundan and meenakari work. A spillover can be purchased at various market at Udaipur.

These exquisite piece of jewellery in gold and silver have also been incorporated on lac to give youngsters a chance to adron themselves with meenakari jewellery which can be purchased at the sunaron-ki-suwad bazar in Bikaner at a pittance. Old silver jewellery, which is much in vogue, can be bought at Jaisalmer in every nook and corner of the small bazaar area.

This traditionally jewellery has an old world charm and is affordable at the same time. Pratapgarh in Chittaugarh district is famous for thewa jewellery. The red, green or blue foil below highlights the intricate gold work in the best possible manner.

With painstaking effort the pieces of coloured glass are encased in gold plated silver. Then delicate designs are worked out on the glass piece with gold leaf. Apart from pendants, earrings, small sindhoor boxes & even jewel cases are made in this fashion.

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