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Lac BanglesIvory was often used to make jewellery, especially bangles, which are considered an essential part of bridal jewelry. The bangles are often overlaid with gold. They are often dyed in various colours, though the most popular one is red.

The production of ivory bangles has now been stopped due to the ban on use of ivory and has been replaced by plastic or bone. Lac jewelry, usually bangles, are often worn in Rajasthan on all auspicious on all auspicious occasions as a sign of goods omen.

Some bangles are plain others are studied with glass pieces bright stones beads etc. and look gorgeos. The designs on the plain bangles are the traditional lahariya or zigzag patterns. But in the ornamental ones, there are many varities like he patla and the phooldar (flora). They are also set with salma patri, etc.

Often they were studded with stones and are still being made in jaipur. Another important ornaments in Rajasthan is that of Churi or ornamental bracelet of sheliac worn by women. According to the ornamental gilt work on them, these bracelets bear various names such as Gokhru, Tarang etc. Coconut shell bracelets are also very popular.

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