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Feminine Jewellery

Feminine jewellery is more complex than masculine jewellery. Jewellery in India is worn as a complete ensemble and not as an accessory. It is thus quite acceptable to wear more than one necklace around the neck, also in the ears, on the toes and fingers, ornaments on the forehead, in the hair, and so on, any number to be worn at the same time. So it is not surprising that the royal ladies of Rajasthani were bedecked from head to toe in jewels so much so that it sometimes was mystery as to how they could carry the weight of all the jewellery worn.

The ladies of the royal family of Rajasthani wore at least half a dozen kinds of hair jewellery at one time, each with its own name and specific function. The most common head jewel is the bindi, which has a central pendant hanging from a string of fine pearls and is worn down the parting of the hair with the pendant resting in the middle of the forehead. A variant of this is called the borla in which the central pendant is semi-spherical and set with precious stones and a fringe of fine peals. Chains of gold, shaped like the lotus and other flowers ate worn across the length of the plait. There are flower-shaped hair pins and hair combs beautifully enameled and set with stones.

The nath is a nose ornament which, when worn us considered to bring good fortune. It is often a ring of fine gold with a pearl threads between two rubies in its central part. There are many other kinds of nose rings as well.

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