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Rajasthan: Navneet Prakritik Yoga Chikitsa Dham

Navneet Prakritik Yoga Chikitsa Dham Just 22 kms. away from the Pink City, on Jaipur - Agra highway at village Bassi, is another prominent place for yoga and naturopathy in "the state of Rajasthan. Dham means a holy place and this centre is being managed by a Non -Governmental Organisation called Navneet Chikitsa Anusandhan Trust. It is based in Jaipur, on Ashrameeya Jeevan Paddati (hermitage lifestyle).

Spread over an area of 69 bigha in complete wilderness, the Institute has raised a new hope for dispirited persons suffering from incurable diseases. It is interesting to know that persons who are admitted here are called "Sadhak" (promotive) and not a patient. The Sadhak are generally not allowed to go outside the campus alone.

Treatments for which the Dham is known are: constipation, ulcer, hepatitis, colitis, jaundice and other gastro-intestinal disorders, anaemia, arthritis, spondylitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, cough, cold, asthma, diabetes, low and high blood pressure, obesity, oedema, kidney, skin, throat, hair, , gums, ear, eyes, pulmonary cardio vascular disease, psychosomatic and psychosprituo-somatic disorders etc. are all treated without icine through Yoga and Nature cure and therapeutic vitalising food.

There is a canteen which provides all types of required for natural treatment e.g. sprouted cereals, pulses, honey, seasonal fruits, juice, dalia etc The speciality of this dham also lies in paring herbal tea called Sukhras, Prior ovation is necessary before coming here.

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