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Rajasthan: Ubtan
The fragrant beauty paste.

Beauty care has been an obsession with men and women alike throughout the ages but it differs from one land to another and also according to the time and mode of living.

The beauty of desert dwellers has always been a legend. You will encounter strikingly beautiful young women and handsome men attired in cololurful dresses in the fairs and festivals of the state. The secret of this enchanting beauty lies in the homemade cosmetic - Ubatan.

Ubaten which is used to bring a natural look to the skin and the face is prepared by mixing the flour of barley, turmeric powder, mustard oil and water. This paste is prepared in various ways to make the skin fair and to nourish it from within.

Earlier it was customary to make special cosmetics for ladies of high rank and social classes, by adding sandalwood powder, yoghutt, milk cream and essence of flowers. On the occasion of social and religious festivals, preparation of Ubatan itself is a fairly enjoyable task for ladies in Rajasthan.

Various ingredients were added like petals of rose and jasmine, saffron, sandalwood, Khus-Khus, drop of lemon juice and other herbs to get a unique beautifying lotion.

It helps to improve and tighten sagging skin and keeps the skin glowing for a long time. The paste is applied to the whole body for 15 to 20 minutes and taking a bath is compulsory after that.

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