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HerbsFrom time immemorial, the value of herbs food and medicine has been fully recognized a appreciated. To rejuvenate the body and beau the skin, herbs and some spices have been used over the centuries I royal families and even among commoners, specially by women.

Though a desert state. Rajasthan is surprisingly rich in herbal wealth, spices and vegetables. The whole Aravalli mountain ranges are well stocked with shrubs and herbs of price less worth and high medicinal values. Some of the rare and indigenous species are Adusa (Adhatoda zeyionica), Aloy (Aloy Barbados) Aagandh (Withania somnifera), Kateri (Solanum indicum), Barhmi (Bacopa monnier), Gokharu (tribulus terristris).
Thor (Euphorbia spp.), Carissa congesla), Lajwanti (Aeschynomene indica), Musli (Cenculings orchyoides), Shankh buti (Indigifera linifolia) Sarpagandha (Rauvolfia serpentina).

Collection and sale of the produce of medicinal plants in hilly areas is a major source of income for tribal families.

Ginger, turmeric, garlic, onion are commonly grown in plains and semi arid region. Species like coriander, cumin, fennel, chillies, aniseed and fenugreek are grown in Jodhpur, Jaipur, Kota and Pali districts.

The state also contributes 40 percent produce of Isabgol of the country which is exported to Nepal, U.S.A. and the Gulf region. The main areas producing this crop is Nagaur and Sirohi districts. In some pockets, flouriculture is an important source of income. Pushkar (Ajmer) is famous for rose farming, whereas Bhilwara district is known for sunflower. The desert fruit - Khajoor is promoted by the Date Tree Research Centre, Bikaner.

HerbsNeem (Azadirachta indica), a tree of multiple use, grows profusely throughout the state. To preserve the block of floral-herbal wealth, efforts have been made by various agencies. The Forest department has set up a Herbal Garden at Udaipur as well as Jaipur. Similarly, the Department of Ayurveda also maintains Herbbal Parks at Kishangarh, Mangliawas (Ajmer), Banswara and the tribal area of Udaipur. Some private individuals and pharmacies also possess herbal plantation farms in many villages of Rajashtan. Apartment all these, the state is taking a lead in exporting and manufacturing herbal medicines in the country. Herbs, plants and roots substances which are effective in various ways in cleaning the blood, building tissue and aiding digestion.

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