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Massage for HealthThe practice of using massage as a curative method is very common in the state. From small villages to the big cities, oil massages and muscular exercises are done in places called Akhara.

Massage is a term which is used to signify a group of systematic and scientific manipulations of bodily tissues which are best performed with the hands, for the purpose of affecting the nerves and muscular systems and the general circulation. Massage is used as a method in treatment of numerous abnormal conditions.

Though seldom sufficient in itself, combined with electrical or light therapy, it is often a useful adjunct to the more important treatment by exercise. Consequently, massage is also termed a passive form of exercise.

It softens and relaxes parts which have been hardened and congested. It forces out of the tissues the stagnant and impure blood and brings in new arterial blood laden with oxygen and food materials thus ensuring rapid combustion.

Massage is an art, if rightly used, can be one of the most important therapeutic agencies wrongly used, it may produce infinite harm, ever to the extent of preventing recovery.

Massage is not an ordinary contact of the ham with the body, but is a skilled or professional touch. It is a touch applied with intelligence, with control and with physiological effects. All centres of nature cure have the facilities concerned.

Ayurveda suggests that massage should b done in the morning during kapha time for kapha disorder, in the evening for vata disorder and the afternoon for pitta disorder. A gentle massage is good for vata and pitta individuals.

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