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Jain Shrines: Kakandi

The 9th tirthankar Lord Suvidhinath was born here. He took his Diksha in Pushpakvan and for 4 years and went on a fast.

Ultimately he attained the true light of knowledge, 'The Kewal Gyan'. The nearby villages Kukubh and Kakandi stand in ruins today., with several mounds in the vicinity.

The local people call them 'Dedara' which represent the Jain Devalaya. Some idols and broken stupas have also been found here.

A Jain Temple was built here by Rai Bahadur Mulchand at this site. The temple houses a Vedi dedicated to Lord Neminath (made of black stone), Lord Suvidhinath (made of white stone) and Lord Parshvanath.

To reach the temple, buses and trains are available from Deoria to Kuhukan. From Khukand Chauraha the temple is 1.5 kms away.

In the forest of Kakandi, Lord Suvidhinath is believed to have taken his diksha.

The forest is known as Kukubh Van. Mostly, Kutaj and Arjun trees are found in this forest. A grey coloured stambh/pilar has also been found here and it is 24 ft. high.

A Brahmi inscription is inscribed in the middle of the pillar. King Samudragupta had this Manastambh erected in the year 460 A.D. There is an iron gate and 4 boundary walls around it.

A temple has been built in the vicinity by Sethi flour mill and 'Charan Paduka' of the Lord are kept here. Kahanv can be reached through Kakandi Bherpur road.

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