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Jain Shrines: Kampil Farrukhabad

The ancient town of Kampil, today almost a village, is situated in tehsil Kayamganj of district Farrukabad.

During the ancient times, the river ganges used to flow past this place. Kampil used to be the capital of the Panchal kingdom.

The town has been referred to and mentioned in the Puranas, Jatakas, Mahabharat and other ancient epics of India. This place of pilgrimage was the birth place of the 13th Tirthankar Lord Vimal Nath, and Mahasati Draupadi and Guru Dronacharya of the Mahabharata.

At the Svetambar Jain temple in Kampil, the idol of Lord Vimalnath stands in the main hall. The Digambar Jain temple, believed to be 1800 years old, also houses the idol of the 13th Tirthankara Lord Vimal Nath.

Other prominent places of tourist interest in Kampil include Raja Dhrupad's fort, Draupadhi Kund, Mughal ghat, Kapil Muni Ashram, Rameshwar temple and Medh Kund.

Travel Information:
The nearest railheads are the Kayamganj Railway station which is 10 kms.

Away and Kampil Road Railway Station which is 4 kms away. Motorable roads connect all major cities with Kampil.

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