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Jain Shrines: Shravasti

It was the capital of Kundal, one of the ancient cities of India. It came to be known as West Kaushal much later. The river Rapti flow past this sacred plae.

The third Tirthankar, Lord Sambhavanath was born here. And it was here that he attained the ultimate light of knowledge through meditation. The name of Shravasti holds deep significance in the Jain mythology and religious discourses. Lord Sambhavanath is believed to have taken diksha at a Sahetuk forest in the vicinity of Shravasti. He had soon thereafter given up the royal and luxurious life. And, for 14 years he went through hard penance till he attained the light of true knowledge in the same forest. After a long fast , he took his first meal at the palace of King Surendra Dutt. For the rest of his life he went about serving people.

The ruler of Ayodhya, King Prasenjeet and his wife Queen Mallika Devi, became devotees of Lord Mahavir. Many a times has Shravasti been demolished and then re-established .

The famous Saheth- Maheth forest in the vicinity is said to be 600- 700 years old. There is a belief that this is the sacred grove of Lord Sambhavanath and the name is distorted to Saheth- Maheth. The grove was known as Sahetuk Van in the ancient past.

According to the Jain tradition, Brahminism and Buddhism have a close association with Shravasti. But, this place is more popular as a holy place of Jains. Each year, thousands of Jains come to this place to celebrate the birth day of Lord Sambhavanath and to observe one of the most important Jain festivals during the auspicious Kartik Purnima.

Travel Information :

Shravasti is located 48 kms. North east of Behraich and 101 kms. From Ayodhya.

The nearest railway station is Balrampur which is 17 kms. Away.

Bus services and private jeeps are available to travel to Shravasti from Balrampur and other neighbouring towns.

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