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Jain Shrines: Kashi

Jain Shrines: KashiAccording to the Jain traditions, Kashi has the honour of being the birth place of four Tirthankars, namely, Suparshav, Chandraprabhu, Shreas and Parshva. Whereas Parshav and Suparshav were born in Varansai, Chandraprabhu was born in Varanasi, Chandraprabhu was born in Chandrapur about 15 km. To the east of Varanasi on the banks of the river Ganges. Shreas was born in Singhpur which is presently known as Sarnath.

Bhadaini Jain Pilgrimage

The birth place of the 7th Tirthankar Sri Suparshavnath was born in 'Bhandani' Muhallah', situated near the banks of the river ganges. The place is about 1.5 km. Away from Bhelupura and known s the Jainghat'. This place is believed to be very sacred not only because it was Lord Sri Suparshvanath's birth place, but he was also initiated (took diksh) and was enlightened with true knowledge here. At present, there is a white coloured 68 cm.

High idol placed here and worshipped by the believers of Svetambar sect. On the other hand, a black idol of 46 cm. Height is placed here by the believers of Digambar sect. The Dharamshalas of Svetambars and Digambars are also available in this area.

Bhelupura - the birth place of 23rd Tirthankar:

The 23rd Tirthankar of the Jain religion Lord Sri Parshavnath was born here. This place has a white stature of 60 cm. Height, which is worshipped by the believers of Svetambara sect, and a black idol with a height of 75 cms. Which is worshipped by the believers of Digambara sect.

These are definitely worth seeing. This place is believed to be one of the most sacred places of pilgrimage for the Jain devotees. These are 12 other Svetambar and 11 Digambar temples here as well. Beautiful rest houses are available for the tourists.


The birth place of the 8th Tirthankar Chandrapuri is the birth place of the 8th Tirthankara Lord Chandraprabhu. It is situated on the banks of the river Ganges, about 20 kms. From varanasi. It has a 45 cms. High white idol which is worshipped by a majority of the Svetambars. Lord Chandraprabhu took Jain Diksha (initiation) and got the light of the true knowledge in this place. Dharamshalas are available in the vicinity for the tourists.

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